Woah!… Wash U LEFTIST THUGS Harass & Rough Up Citizen Journalist at Commie-Truther Van Jones Public Forum (Video)

The event yesterday at Washington University in St. Louis with commie-Truther former Green Czar Van Jones was billed as open to the public. Guess not.

University officials harassed and roughed up citizen journalist Adam Sharp who came to the event to ask Jones about his racial green views and radical cop killer rap music.

The far left university officials even accused Sharp of working with FOX News – because only FOX viewers could possibly be offended by a green-pushing commie-Truther Saddam-supporting toxic leftist radical pushing a racist green agenda at the far left university:

Commies don’t like to be questioned.


Several university officials harassed the citizen journalists at the event. One university thug even roughed up Sharp and grabbed for his camera.

What a disgrace. This is a new low for this far left campus.

This was nothing new for Van Jones…
Most recently, Jones founded group “Color of Change” led the attack on Andrew Breitbart’s free speech. Resulting in Breitbart’s removal from ABC’s election coverage. Again media silence.

Best line: “I’m a big fan of his music.”

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