Wikio Releases Latest Blog Rankings – GP at #12

Wikio officially publishes the top blog rankings on their website at the start of each month. Each month they also offer a sneak peek at the rankings to a selected blogger. This month I was chosen to announce the exclusive before the official publication on Wikio. For the past year Gateway Pundit was ranked in the top 10 blogs nationally by Wikio. However, a new tracking system favors major news media blogs.
Gateway Pundit is now ranked #12.

Here then is a sneak peak at December’s top political blogs:

1 Political Ticker – CNN
2 Think Progress
3 Political Hotsheet – CBS News
4 Hot Air
5 Redstate – Conservative News and Community
6 The Corner
7 The Caucus – New York Times blog
8 Michelle Malkin
9 Daily Kos
10 fivethirtyeight – New York Times
11 Big Government
12 Gateway Pundit
13 Wired: Danger Room
14 NewsBusters
15 Firedoglake
16 Media Matters for America – County Fair
17 The Weekly Standard Blog
18 Beltway Confidential
19 Reason Magazine – Hit & Run
20 Crooks and Liars

Ranking made by Wikio


According to a representative at Wikio- These latest rankings are still accurate according to our algorithm as we have now updated the algorithm to include back-tweets as well. This means that if someone tweets the link to your site it has an effect on the rankings.
This is the reason for the larger than normal changes in position.

Again, thank you all so much for your support.

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