Wikileaks Given $1.3 Million in 2010 – Julian Assange Pays Himself 2/3’s Of Salary Budget

Anti-American activist Julian Assange paid himself two-thirds of the salary budget budget this year.
The Daily Mail reported:

The main financial arm of online whistleblower WikiLeaks, the Germany-based Wau Holland Foundation, says it has collected about $1.3 million in donations in 2010, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

Wau Holland is the major financial provider for WikiLeaks, the Journal reports.

It has established a Greenpeace-like system of salary payments, as WikiLeaks attempts to legitimise its organization by moving away from purely volunteer-based work.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the move towards salaried employees came after a year-long intense internal debate about whether to do so.

Founder Julian Assange has raked in around $86,000 in salary this year, and Wau Holland has paid more than $130,000 in salaries to the entire WikiLeaks staff.

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