Virginia AG Cuccinelli: Today’s Ruling Eliminates Funding Mechanism for Obamacare (Video)

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli told Greta Van Susteren that today’s ruling finding the individual mandate unconstitutional eliminates the funding mechanism for Obamacare.

From the video:

Greta: Is there any way that this statute gets funded if the mandate is unconstitutional?

AG Cuccinelli: No it doesn’t. And that’s why the federal government in their briefs conceded that if the individual mandate is unconstitutional all the insurance elements need to go with it because it is the funding mechanism… Now the funding mechanism, the center pole of the tent is gone. So they have no way to finance this. So the federal government is really going to have to go back to the drawing board and hopefully we’ll get a more comprehensive review by the new Congress and get some real health care reform that will put consumers in control and not add more and more and more power to government.

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