Violent Iranian Hardliners Threaten “1979-Style” Takeover Outside British Embassy

Violent Iranian protesters threatened the British Embassy today.


They carried posters of the 1979 US Embassy siege in front of the British Embassy.


Iranian hardliners threatened the British Embassy in Tehran with a “1979-style takeover” today.
The regime thugs held a violent protest outside the embassy earlier today. They believe that Great Britain supports terrorism.
Fars News reported:


A large number of Iranian students and people gathered outside the British Embassy in Tehran to voice their strong protest against London’s support for terrorist actions against Iran as well as the recent interfering remarks made by the British envoy to Tehran and violation of human rights in Britain.

Protests started in front of the British embassy in Tehran at 14:00 local time (1030 GMT) with Iranian students, carrying pictures of the country’s assassinated university professors and scientists Majid Shahriari and Massoud Ali Mohammadi.

Protestors chanted anti-US and Britain slogans and blasted London and Washington’s support for terrorist groups and operations against Iran.

Two Iranian university professors Fereidoon Abbasi Davani and Majid Shahriari were assassinated in separate terrorist bomb attacks here in Tehran on November 29 with the latter killed immediately after the blast.


The hardliners stomped on the US and British flags outside the embassy today. (ISNA)

Fars News has more photos of the protest here.

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