VIOLENCE AT LONDON STUDENT PROTESTS – At Least 3 Police Officers Seriously Wounded; Students Smash Windows & Set Fires (Video)

The violent student protesters smashed windows and started fires on the street!
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Leftists, Marxists and Anarchists attacked police today at violent student protests in London.

(Daily Mail)
At least three police officers were seriously hurt in the violence.
The Daily Mail reported:

Police officers were seriously injured today as mask-wearing anarchists hijacked the final tuition fees protest and turned yet another peaceful demonstration into chaos.

Three officers were wounded as hardcore protesters repeatedly tried to break through police lines outside the Houses of Parliament, where MPs were preparing to vote on the controversial fee rise.

Footage showed one policeman lying motionless on the ground. Medics fitted him with a neck brace and used a makeshift stretcher to remove him.

Around 20,000 students and activists descended on central London as the demonstrations of recent weeks culminated in a final show of anger at the hike and the Liberal Democrat U-turn.

One mounted police officer was knocked from his horse as missiles including flares, sticks and snooker balls were hurled from the crowds crammed into Parliament Square.

Cordon: Police in riot gear after they were paint bombed by protesters. (Daily Mail)

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