US MARINE & WIFE Break Their Silence After Brutal Beating Outside Movie Theater (Video)

Marine Federico Freire and wife, Kalyn, were looking forward to their first date after he returned from Afghanistan. But the date turned into a nightmare after 300 teens waited for them outside a movie theater and beat Freire to the ground and his wife Kalyn unconscious.

Iraq war veteran Federico Freire and wife, Kalyn, pictured above were attacked Saturday outside a movie theater in Bradenton, Fla., by a group of unruly teenagers. (

A good Samaritan flashing a gun scared most of the teens away but police officers had to use tasers on the teens when they arrived on the scene.
You can still see bruises on Kalyn’s face.

The couple was kicked and punched in the parking lot before a gun-brandishing Samaritan told the crowd to step back just before deputies arrived. Kalyn was knocked unconscious by one of the attackers.

One of the members of the mob that attacked Federico and his wife filed a criminal complaint against the couple.


Federico lost his brother Ezequiel Freire, a 20-year-old Marine who spent eight months in Afghanistan, earlier this year.

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