Unbelievable… State-Run Media Calls Obama “The Comeback Kid” During PRESS CONFERENCE Pep Rally (Video)

Barack Obama held a press conference this afternoon after Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed and the liberal Senate passed START Treaty and the 9-11 Emergency Responder’s Bill.

The first reporter Caren Bohan from Reuters praised Barack Obama as “The Comeback Kid.”

It was a celebration.

Of course, the media congratulated Obama for extending the Bush tax cuts.

Even though not that long ago Obama blamed the Great Recession on those same Bush tax cuts.
But, don’t expect the media to report this. It’s not on the agenda.

Once again, Barack Obama promised that his singular focus over the next two years will be the economy.
Yeah, right. We’ve heard that one before.

More… Obama just said that the DREAM Act will secure the border. And, if Americans knew these kids, “and they probably do,” they would pass this amnesty bill.
If I knew these kids I’d call ICE.

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