TORNADO HITS WEST ST. LOUIS – Search & Rescue in Process- 3 Dead Near Rolla (Video)

Police broadcasts were the first to report that a tornado touched down in West St. Louis County.
Search and rescue teams were dispatched to the area just west of St. Louis City.

Emergency teams rescued West County residents from their homes. (Video here)

O’Leary’s Restaurant was hit today and is marked on the map.
The local channels are not yet reporting the news.
Thousands were left without any power.

Update: Local KMOV is reporting on the destruction outside of St. Louis.

The South County Times reported:


Severe weather blew through St. Louis County New Year’s Eve at midday with high winds and possible tornados causing damage in Crestwood, Sunset Hills and Fenton.

Telephone poles are down in Crestwood near the intersection of Watson and Sappington roads. In Sunset Hills, Lindbergh Boulevard is closed south of Watson, where a possible tornado caused extensive damage to a business complex that includes O’Leary’s restaurant. Homes across the street from the complex have been completely devastated. There is more damage at Watson and Interstate 44.

Their are reports that 3 women died near Rolla, Missouri.

Here is amateur video of the tornado moving through the Rolla area, via KSDK:

The local media has not yet confirmed that it was a tornado.
I was within 10 miles of the destruction and we did not even experience high winds.

Sunset Hills, Missouri took a direct hit from the storm with widespread damage along south Lindbergh Boulevard. (KMOV)

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