Top Republicans Cantor and DeMint Weigh In on Court’s Federal Mandate Decision

Top Republicans Rep. Eric Cantor and Senator Jim DeMint on the court’s decision today that declared Obamacare unconstitutional.
Jim DeMint said today’s ruling was the beginning of the end for Obamacare.
USA Today reported:

Top Republicans say a Virginia court’s ruling striking down a key part of President Obama’s health care law helps their push to repeal the measure.

Rep. Eric Cantor, the incoming House majority leader, says it’s now clear that the law to give more Americans health insurance coverage is unconstitutional.

“We must not burden our states, employers and families with the costs and uncertainty created by this unconsitutional law,” said Cantor, R-Va., who vowed that Republicans in the House will push for the law’s repeal when the party takes control in January.


Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., another opponent of the health care law, praised the court for siding with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. DeMint said the Constitution does not give Congress or the president the right to require Americans to have health insurance.

“Today’s ruling should signal the beginning of the end for Obamacare,” DeMint said.

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