Calling a Pig a Pig… RNC Candidate Ann Wagner Slams Dems on Their Creeping Socialism

Ambassador, Proven Republican Leader, Visionary, and “West Point Mom” — Ann Wagner is running for RNC Chair.

Ann Wagner, a former committee woman and first female chair of the Missouri Republican Party, wants to lead the RNC.

Former United States ambassador to Luxembourg, Ann Wagner, is picking up steam in the race to be the next chair of the Republican National Committee.
The Daily Caller interviewed Ann Wagner this week:

When Ann Wagner, the former United States ambassador to Luxembourg, returned from abroad in 2009, she felt that she has not entirely left Europe behind.

“I felt, after I left, that perhaps socialism had begun to follow me across the pond,” she told The Daily Caller in a phone interview.

In an attempt to help end what she views as the government’s overreach during President Barack Obama’s tenure, Wagner is running for chair of the Republican National Committee.

Wagner’s desire to chair the committee is not just about helping to elect a Republican president; it is also about removing Michael Steele from the position. Wagner has been one of the most vocal among the candidates in calling for Steele to be ousted, urging her fellow candidates and her supporters among the committee not to support him under any circumstances…

…“I think it’s important that we make a pledge for a change and for new leadership,” she added. “I think that is what’s necessary going forward, and I think we should do whatever it is to support that — make a commitment that no matter what happens, that we are about changing leadership at the Republican National Committee.”

Though no frontrunner has yet emerged, Wagner is considered to be a serious contender in the race. The Washington Post ranks her second, tied with Saul Anuzis, with the explanation that “what really recommends her to the committee and its members is her fundraising capacity.”

In 1990 and 1991, Wagner ran redistricting in Missouri, and then served as the executive director for the Bush/Quayle campaign of 1992.

“In 1996,” she says, “I decided to run to become the Lafayette township committee woman, and I served in that position for nine years. It’s probably the most grassroots neighborhood, neighbor-to-neighbor kind of politics one can do. It’s very important to keep in touch with the real people out there and to learn at the most basic level how to activate and turn out the grassroots.”

She became the first female chair of the Missouri Republican Party, and served for three terms, during which time she oversaw Republican victories in the state at every level. She went on to co-chair the RNC for two terms, before serving as ambassador to Luxembourg.

There’s more on Ann here.

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