She Can’t Help It… Nicolle Wallace Attacks Sarah Palin Again: She Has “Multiple Flaws” & “Obvious Deficiencies”

These Palin-haters just can’t help it.
They get in front of a camera and “poof” they start the Palin-hating vitriol.
Last week McCain campaign official slammed Sarah Palin on MSNBC.
She exclaimed “Heaven forbid a Palin presidency!”
(Did she not notice Barack Obama’s record deficits, record spending and historic unemployment rate?)
Via Cubachi:

This weekend she was back at it – attacking Sarah Palin’s intelligence and hunting skills.
“Let her shoot her moose or whatever the heck she does on her [television] show, it will all work out.”
The Telegraph reported:

Nicolle Wallace, a former colleague of Sarah Palin, has become the latest senior Republican publicly to round on the darling of the Tea Party movement, saying that her opponents should avoid criticising her directly and let her expose her own multiple flaws.

Mrs Wallace, who worked closely with Mrs Palin on the ill-fated 2008 Republican presidential campaign, said the former vice-presidential candidate’s weaknesses would be revealed by the rigours and demands of a long contest to secure the party’s nomination for the next White House election.

“The more people try to take her out, she only becomes emboldened, strengthened, it makes her such a martyr,” said Mrs Wallace, who has recently written a thriller called Eighteen Acres, drawn in part from her experiences on the bid for the White House of John McCain and Mrs Palin, his running mate.

“She has very obvious deficiencies that will reveal themselves as the nominating contest gets closer,” she told The Daily Telegraph, adding: “Let her shoot her moose or whatever the heck she does on her [television] show, it will all work out.”

There had been little sign that Mrs Palin had improved her understanding of current affairs as she had forged a career as star of her own reality series on American television, Fox News commentator and champion of conservative candidates. “What’s troubling is she has missed an opportunity to go beyond the platitudes and deepen her knowledge,” said Mrs Wallace, who was formerly communications director in the George W Bush administration. “It’s incredibly cynical to think you can win an election without having a thoughtful intellectual discussion with the country, thinking you can just scare people into voting for you.”

And, Nicolle Wallace did this while pushing her new book?… So, who’s the idiot?

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