Senate Democrats Punt on DREAM Act For Now

Senate Democrats punted on a vote for the DREAM Act after Republicans blocked Harry Reid from moving forward with the bill to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.
FOX News reported:

The Senate on Thursday punted on a DREAM Act vote after Democrats failed to advance a version that passed the House Wednesday night.

Senate Democrats hope to vote on the House-passed legislation before the lame-duck session ends this month.

“We still hope to consider it before we leave,” a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told Fox News.

Earlier, Reid tried to shelve a procedural vote on the legislation that would carve out a path to legalization for hundreds of thousands of foreign-born youngsters brought to this country illegally because he said it would be more appropriate to take up the version that cleared the House.

But Republicans refused to let him to do that. So Reid had the Senate vote on killing a motion to start debate on the bill.

Now if they would only kill the lame duck.

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