Saudi Media Still Believes Obama Is a Muslim

The bow to the Sunni King didn’t help.

(Right Soup)

Evidently, the Saudis still believe Obama is a Muslim.
The leading Saudi papers reported as fact a recent joke made by humorist Andy Borowitz’s that Obama will admit to Congress that he is a Muslim.
AFP reported, via ROP:

When a US satirist joked that President Barack Obama will admit to Congress that he is Muslim in his latest compromise with Republicans, Saudi media took it seriously.

On Friday the online version of Al-Hayat newspaper and the prominent news website both reported straightforwardly humourist Andy Borowitz’s column that began:

“In his latest effort to find common ground with Republicans in Congress, President Barack Obama said today that he was willing to agree that he is a Muslim.

“In agreeing that he is a Muslim, Mr. Obama is sending a clear signal that he is trying to find consensus,” Borowitz said in the column posted on the Huffington Post and The Borowitz Report websites this week.

Both Al-Hayat, one of the Middle East’s most influential newspapers, and Sabq, believed to be controlled by the Saudi interior ministry, apparently missed the joke.

“Obama doesn’t mind coming out as a Muslim if that will satisfy the Republicans,” the Al-Hayat headline said.

“Obama: ‘I’m ready to announce that I am a Muslim,'” led Sabq.

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