DEM REP BLAMES SPEAKER PELOSI For Holding Tax Cuts Hostage (Video)

Will the real hostage taker please stand up.
Democratic Representative Dan Boren (D-OK) blamed democrats, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi by name, for holding the tax cuts hostage and not bringing the bipartisan package to the House floor for a vote.

That was gutsy. Speaker Pelosi won’t like to hear that. She won’t like it one bit.
Boren better bring a bodyguard to the next caucus meeting.
Via On the Record:

Greta Van Susteren: Why isn’t it being brought to the floor? Who’s not bringing it to the floor?

Rep. Boren: The Speaker. The Speaker agreed. There was a motion by one of the members of the caucus today to say let’s put this off. Let’s not do this package that the White House and senate Republicans came up with. Let’s come up with our own package. Well, we had that vote last week and guess what? It failed.

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