RNC Candidate Cino: I’m Pro-Life But Helped Pro-Abortion Group

And, I’m half Chinese.
RNC Chair Candidate Maria Cino told a pro-Life group that she is pro-life but donated to and supported a pro-abortion group for several years.


Maria Cino, the former Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation under President George W. Bush announced her intention of running for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee in November. She has a distinguished career as a politician in the Republican Party.

Life News reported:


Republican Party chairman candidate Maria Cino became the final candidate for the national party chairman position to interview with the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life political group.

Her interview follows concerns from among pro-life advocates that Cino, who says at length that she is pro-life, served as a member of the board of directors of the WISH List, a pro-abortion organization that focuses on electing pro-abortion Republican women to top federal offices.

Cino also made several donations to WISH List over the years covering the late 1990s and the very early part of this past decade and SBA List president Marjorie Dannelfeser asked her about that.

Cino explained that she was involved with the National Republican Congressional Committee in the early 1990s following the defeat of pro-life President George Bush and that the NRCC struggled financially but weathered the storm in part because of donors from the WISH List. She credited the pro-abortion organization with ironically helping to elect a Republican Congress in 1994 that was a majority pro-life.

“In 1997, they asked me to help them,” Cino said. “I told them that I was, in fact, as they knew, pro-life. They understood that. And they asked me to help them with women candidates. I did that for one year.”

“My involvement with WISH List was for one reason pure and simple, to use WISH List as a vehicle against Emily’s List (a pro-abortion Democratic outfit) to elect Republican women,” she said. “After a year, it became clear to me that, unlike the 80s and 90s, we had alot of pro-life women that were now running and we needed to get more women to run.”

She said she began to limit her involvement with WISH List and founded VIEW PAC, a group that made it possible to give to pro-life women as well.

“I wanted a vehicle to help more of the pro-life females who were beginning to run,” she said.

Dannenfelser asked a follow up question about how, with her deep pro-life conviction, how could she set aside those views to work directly with a group that advocates for abortion and elected only pro-abortion candidates.

“I didn’t look at it as a pro-choice or a pro-life organization,” Cino said. “I have been committed for the last 20-some odd years to electing Republican women. Rightfully or wrongfully, I looked at it purely from a standpoint of electing Republican women.”

Add this to the fact that Maria Cino is a former Obamacare lobbyist and her chances of winning the RNC chair this year is from zero to zilch.

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