President Raul Castro Warns Cubans: “We Are Running Out of Time. If We Don´t Change Things Now, We Will Bring About the Collapse”

President Raul Castro warned Cubans today that the country is running out of time if they don’t change their failed Soviet-style economic system.
Cadena Gramonte reported:

In a two-hour speech, Raúl Castro emphasized that the initiatives introduced regarding the Cuban economy do not mean the end of the ideals of the revolution to create an equal society, but rather to strengthen, not replace, socialism.

The Cuban leader stressed the need for the country and its leaders to correct mistakes because, otherwise, the Revolution and efforts made by many generations will collapse. Raul Castro said: ¨We are already running out of time. If we don´t change things now, we will bring about the collapse (…) of efforts by many generations.”

Castro recently admitted the state payrolls are padded with more than one million surplus workers. In the country’s most significant reforms since Raul succeeded his brother Fidel in 2008, the country is laying off 500,000 workers by April and is expected to cut another 500,000 to 800,000 in three years.

Castro also warned Cubans about freebies and handouts.


He also warned his countrymen that they’ll have to work in the new Cuba, and can no longer rely on the state for handouts.

“Many of us Cubans confuse socialism with freebies and subsidies, and equality with egalitarianism,” the president said.

Maybe our democratic leaders in Washington could learn a thing or two from the Cuban situation, no?

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