BIG RNC UPDATE: Committeeman For Priebus Says Ann Wagner Can’t Win Race Because of Her “Gender”

Reince Priebus, who famously remarked three times in one interview that Barack Obama should be executed, is currently leading the race to lead the RNC in 2011-2012. Jim Bopp, a Priebus committeeman, took shots at Ann Wagner this week because of her “gender.” Bopp says Ann’s “gender” will make it impossible for her to win the RNC chair. Reince Priebus supporter and committeeman Jim Bopp, seen here in 2006, says Ann Wagner can’t win because of her gender. (WaPo picture) And, these guys are leading the race?… Really? The Politico reported:

MORE FROM THE RNC – PAYBACK: Indiana RNC Committeeman Jim Bopp has endorsed Wisconsin’s Reince Priebus in the chairman’s race, throwing his support to Michael Steele’s leading challenger days after the incumbent chairman called Bopp an “idiot” during a radio interview. Priebus, Bopp said, “understands that we need more active RNC member participation and that members need to be empowered to hold the leadership accountable. … It was a close decision, particularly between Saul and Reince, since I think Ann has an insurmountable difficulty reaching a majority of the votes, because of our unfair gender requirement for Co-Chairman.”

It will be interesting to see if Reince Priebus distances himself from Bopp after such an inflammatory statement. John Ashcroft disagrees. He endorsed Ann Wagner today.

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