Obama Didn’t Move to the Middle… He Pulled a Page Straight Out of FDR History By Extending Bush Tax Cuts


He’s no moderate.
Barack Obama took a page straight out of FDR history this week when he extended the Bush tax cuts.
Clifton Chadwick discovered this:

I am going to summarize and quote from a very good book New Deal or Raw Deal? on Roosevelt by Burton Folsom Jr.

… two weeks before the election (of 1932) Roosevelt decided to take a clear and unwavering stand for balancing the budget. He blamed Hoover for the economic woes of the country and said it was caused by the lack of a balanced budget. “I shall approach the problem of carrying out the plain precept of our Party which is to reduce the cost of current Federal Government operations by 25 percent,” he said (page 213). After taking office his serious budget Director, Lewis Douglas, “…watch in horror as the president expanded the federal government and ran up deficits much greater than those of Hoover.” When he ran for re-election in 1936 he had to explain why his government had done the opposite of what he had promised. In Pittsbugh on October 1, 1936 he explained that he had reveresed course in order to save the American people!! He said that when choosing between people and his promise of a balanced budget he chose people and that to have done other wise “would have been a crime against the American people.” (page 222).

That is what Obama did in early December. After claiming throughout the 2008 campaign that the Bush tax cuts had to go, he came out with the idea that he couldn’t hold the American people hostage!! Pure FDR, and pure scoundrel (hiding behind the flag and the people).

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