“No Labels” – No Morals – No Scruples… RINO-Leftist Group Stole Their Logo-Design From NY Artist

The RINO-Leftist group “No Labels” completely stole their logo-design from a New York website “More Party Animals.”

(The Gothamist)

The “No Labels” group appears to have no conscience and no morals either.
The RINO-leftist group that popped up only after Republicans took back the House stole their website design from a New York graphic artist.
The Gothamist reported:

Today Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and some other boldfaced political names got together to launch “No Labels,” an organization calling for a new era of non-partisan political change. The non-profit, according to Politics Daily, plans to “endorse and perhaps help finance candidates in party primaries but not in national elections.” Their slogan is “No Labels. Not Left. Not Right. Forward.” But considering how closely the group’s logo/design (Twitter!) resembles the work of graphic designer Thomas Porostocky, they might want to change the name to No Copyright. [Update: The No Labels designer says it’s just a coincidence that he and Porostocky must have used the same clip art file…but Porostocky tells us his animals are original. More below. Update 2: Now the No Labels designer admits the animals are too similar!]

Maybe a better name for the confused RINO-leftist group is “No Morals.”


Ben Smith posted a letter from No Labels designer Dave Warren who says the similarity is just a clip art coincidence.

More… Nice Deb notes they may also have taken a few things from the failed Coffee Party organization.

And, Stacy McCain has much more… “The Fierce Fury of the Angry Mob of Impassioned Bipartisan Moderates”

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