Justice Breyer on 2nd Amendment: If You Live in DC & Like Shooting Guns “Get On a Subway & Go to Maryland” (Video)

Far left Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer discussed the Second Amendment with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday. After discussing the history behind the amendment and the “intent” of the Founding Fathers, Justice Breyer told Wallace if you live in Washington DC and like to shoot guns you can go to Maryland.

This loon was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994.

More… Mike 123 added:

So he’s ok with DC residents carrying pistols on the subway? Wow. I didn’t think he was a supporter of Constitutional Carry. BTW – Doing what he proposes is ILLEGAL. Don’t try it.

History isn’t on his side either. The first battle of the Revolution was over gun control. General Gage was going to confiscate the Colonist’s arms, including pistols, rifles, and cannon. So in that context, Americans can own artillery. Heck, Alexander Hamilton owned a warship.

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