JULIAN ASSANGE Granted Bail – Sweden Plans Appeal

Anti-American Crackpots Rejoice!

The communists from International Action Center were thrilled to hear about his release. (Aljazeera)

Wikileaks leaker Julian Assange was granted bail today to cheers inside and outside the courtroom.
The Guardian reported:

3.36pm: Hang on. Swedish prosecutors plan to launch an appeal against the decision to grant Assange bail. They have two hours to do lodge an appeal. Assange will not be freed until that process is over.

3.34pm: Assange’s bail conditions include surrendering his passport, a curfew, and an electronic tag.

3.31pm: Assange’s next court appearance will be January 11 2011. (Sorry about the technical problems in the last few minutes).

3.25pm: Assange has been granted bail, to cheers from inside and outside the court.

He was not released immediately as Swedish authorities prepared to lodge an appeal against the decision.

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