Horrible… Politifact, Jake Tapper & ABC Report on “Lie of the Year”- Fail to Include Obama & Pelosi Whoppers

In case you needed another reason to detest the state-run media…
Today the far left Politifact website, ABC and the liberal media released their top political lies of the year.

Jake Tapper showed his true colors on this one.
What a disgusting piece of leftist garbage.

Of course, their biggest “lie of the year,” the national takeover of healthcare, was not a lie at all.
They must have missed the news this week that the democrats’ “federal mandate” was found to be unconstitutional? Do these liberals not understand that a “federal mandate” means ALL Americans must obey and purchase health insurance?… That Obamacare forces ALL Americans to participate whether they want to or not? Apparently that was lost on the Politifact liberals.

And, guess who didn’t make the list???
That’s right, Speaker Pelosi and Barack Obama, two the most dishonest political figures in recent memory.

They forgot to include Pelosi’s awful lie that she brought down the deficit when she tripled it in one year and she increased it five-fold in 4 years. They ignored Pelosi’s line that Obama created jobs from day one when the unemployment rate under Obama has nearly doubled from the Bush years. And, of course, they forgot Obama’s lies about the health care bill claiming that it would save money, not cover abortions and that you would be able to keep your current insurance plan if you wanted to – all lies.

This was such an obvious hit piece on Republicans.
And, they wonder why they’re called the lamestream media?

More… Don Surber delves into the lie of the year and concludes… “Politfact Lied.”

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