Hope & Change… More Muslims Defend Suicide Bombing Today Than in 2008

Boy, that Cairo speech did wonders, didn’t it?
More Muslims in Lebanon, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Turkey defend suicide bombing today than they did in 2008.


Hows that hopey-changey stuff treating you?
More Muslims support suicide bombing today than they did two years ago.
The Pew Research Center reported:

The Muslim publics surveyed generally reject the notion that suicide bombing against civilians can be justified in order to defend Islam from its enemies, but there is considerable support for this kind of violence in some countries. Muslims in Lebanon and Nigeria are the most likely to say suicide bombings can often or sometimes be justified; nearly four-in-ten Lebanese Muslims (39% ) and 34% of Nigerian Muslims say that is the case.

In Lebanon, support for suicide bombing is especially pervasive among the Shia population – 46% say this kind of violence in defense of Islam can often or sometimes be justified, compared with 33% of Sunnis. (Findings regarding attitudes toward suicide bombing and Islamic extremism were previously released in “Obama More Popular Abroad Than at Home, Global Image of U.S. Continues to Benefit,” June 17, 2010.)

One-in-five Muslims in Egypt and Jordan offer support for suicide bombing in defense of Islam, as do 15% of Indonesian Muslims. Yet, far more in these three countries say these violent acts are never justified; 46% of Muslims in Egypt and a majority in Jordan (54% ) and Indonesia (69% ) reject suicide bombings. The notion that these types of attacks against civilians are never justified is even more widespread in Pakistan and Turkey, where 80% and 77% , respectively, share this view.

The Examiner has more on the poll.

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