Gross… Millions of Funky Dead Sea Creatures Wash Ashore After Record Florida Freeze (Video)

Gross… The funky dead sea creatures are everywhere.

That ought to smell good, huh?

The record cold in Florida is killing millions of sea creatures that are washing up on shore.
NBC 2 reported:

Sanibel Island’s Lighthouse Beach is covered with thousands of dead sea creatures that washed ashore because of the cold weather.

Sea urchins, sea sponge, sea worms and stone crabs litter the beach for several miles.

Marine life experts say the temperatures have been dropping 10 to 15 degrees, which sends the sea creatures into shock. They can’t hold onto the gulf floor and the waves wash them ashore.

They are alive when they wash ashore, but they die in the cold air.

You can’t escape the dead sea creatures.

(NBC 2)


Al Gore was not available for comment.

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