Great… Leading RNC Chair Candidate Calls for Execution of Obama 3 Times in One Conference Call (Video)

Great. Just what we need.
Another walking gaffe machine.

Wisconsin RNC Chairman Reince Priebus called for the execution of Barack Obama 3 times in one conference call with the press. Then after apologizing for the gaffe he attacked a prominent democrat for being gaffe prone.

The gaffe earned Priebus the distinguished “Worst Person in the World” award by Keith Olbermann.

Can you really blame Olbermann?


Dan Riehl also found this on Priebus.

It’s also worth noting that during Priebus’ first cycle as the Republican Party of Wisconsin chairman, the party paid his law firm, Michael Best & Friedrich (MBF), $80,000 for unspecified “legal fees.” All payments were made from 10/31/2008-11/13/2008. A review of FEC reports found the only prior RPW payments to MBF occurred in the 2004 election cycle. By that accounting, Priebus’ so called two jobs aren’t separate at all. He seems more interested in using one hand to wash the other, at the expense of taxpayers and donors. There is nothing new in that kind of politics, and very little that’s good for America, or the GOP – especially now.

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