Hot Air… Cancun Junk Scientists Claim Cutting Carbon Emissions Will Help Combat Obesity

Grasping. At. Straws.
The global alarmists at the UN conference in Cancun are suggesting that cutting carbon emissions will help with the obesity epidemic.

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Oh brother.
The Telegraph reported, via Free Republic:

The world needs to go on a “fossil fuel diet” to stop both climate change and obesity, according to health experts.

Professor Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said there is a direct correlation between and carbon emissions and expanding waistlines.

He said as soon as countries begin using cars and other energy intensive machines, it not only causes an increase in greenhouse gases but also in the population’s average weight, because people exercise less.

He said that the health problem was another reason to tackle carbon emissions.

“There is an almost linear relationship between carbon consumption and average BMI,” he said.

“The world is getting hotter and the world is getting fatter. Fundamentally fossil fuel energy is the cause of both.

Then again, if we’re forced to cut timber for firewood in the winter maybe we will lose some weight?

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