Gingrich: The Fact That We Full Body Scan 80 Year-Old Nuns Is a “Sign of How Weak & Incoherent This Administration Is On National Security” (Video)

Newt Gingrich ripped the Obama Administration on their incoherent and weak national security policies. Gingrich told Sean Hannity that the Obama Administration would rather grope nuns and children than take the Islamist threat seriously.

Gingrich on the TSA controversy:

“I think they should put a TSA scanner on Air Force One. I think the president ought to have the chance to regularly experience what all other Americans have to go through. What I am offended by is the absolute unwillingness of this administration to… The fact that we refuse to focus on being honest on who our enemies are… As someone pointed out the other day, the fact that we have an 80 year-old nun because we don’t want to be honest about who are enemies are, is a sign of how weak and incoherent this administration is on national security.

By the way… Gingrich wasn’t kidding about that elderly nun in a wheelchair getting groped by TSA agents:
This photo comes via Atlas:

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