Despite Obama’s Plea… House Democrats Delay Tax Vote

They can pass Trillion dollar bills without reading them but for some reason passing a tax rate extension is nearly impossible for these radicals.
The House democrats delayed the vote on extending the Bush tax cuts today.
Liberals are revolting.
CNBC reported:

House lawmakers stalled the White House’s favored tax package Thursday, delaying debate and a potential vote on the bill until at least late day.

The White House has been pushing hard for the House to pass a tax package that would save millions of Americans thousands of dollars in higher taxes beginning Jan. 1.

However, some House lawmakers are seeking changes to the package. Democratic leaders are staying hands-off, leaving it to President Obama to persuade fellow Democrats not to put the package at risk by imposing a higher estate tax than he negotiated with Republicans.

One key member of the House, Representative James McGovern, told Reuters the delay is “a little bump” and indicated the legislation could still pass the House later on Thursday.

Maybe they have to pack more pork into it?

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