DEMOCRATS COMPLAIN After Tea Party Group Honors Military in Holiday Parade

The democrats were not pleased after a Texas tea party group sponsored a float to honor the military in a Texas holiday parade.
Local democrats said politics should be kept out of community events.

P/Oed Patriot reported on this controversy:

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The Star-Telegram reported:

A local Tea Party group’s participation in Grapevine’s recent Parade of Lights has drawn complaints from people who say politics should be kept out of community events.

About 20 people, some wearing military uniforms, were in the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party float during the Dec. 2 Christmas parade through downtown Grapevine. The float was a show of support to the military, said Julie McCarty, president of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party.

Critics said the group itself is a political statement. Some also said they heard people shout politically themed messages from the float, something McCarty said never happened.

“I was taken aback that they were allowed in the parade,” said Mark Bauer of Colleyville. “I’ve been to many Christmas parades, and I don’t remember any other political groups ever participating.”

The Tea Party is widely known as a conservative grassroots movement that emerged last year in response to growing government spending. With more than 1,500 local members, “I would simply say that the Tea Party is part of the community,” said McCarty of Grapevine.

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