Wow! Christmas Comes Early to Gold Star Family on “Today Show” (Video)

What a great story. Casey Roberts was killed in Afghanistan during his third tour of duty in 2008.
His little girl wrote a letter asking for Christmas decorations for their home. The community surprised them on the “Today Show” this morning.
During the interview this morning with the Roberts family little Keeghan Roberts took over with his break-out dance performance.
Yahoo reported:

This morning on “The Today Show,” a little boy named Keeghan Roberts turned an otherwise serious live interview with his family into his own little crazy dance party.

Meredith Vieira was was trying to interview the family of Casey Roberts, a U.S. soldier who was killed in Afghanistan in 2008. As Vieira, through a live feed to the familly’s home in Carthage, TX, tried to ask the Roberts family about Casey (in preparation to announce an outpouring of gifts to the family), little Keeghan Roberts caught a glimpse of himself in the monitor — and that was all the little boy needed to begin his national TV dancing career.

A few seconds later, Keeghan and his mom and sister learn that their family has been showered with gifts and Christmas decorations from a corporate sponsor.

This will make you laugh and cry. Enjoy–

Keeghan’s father Casey Roberts was killed during his 3rd tour of duty.
What a wonderful story!

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