BREAKING: Claire McCaskill Calls For Violence If Dems Don’t Get Their Historic Tax Hikes: “It Really Is Time For Americans To Take Up Pitchforks” (Video)

They really, really want to raise taxes–
Obama lackey Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and her democratic colleagues held a press conference today. The liberal senator called for violence if democrats don’t get their historic tax hikes.

McCaskill told the press that if democrats were not allowed to raise taxes on the rich,

It really is time for Americans to take up pitchforks.

Claire promotes violence:

McCaskill posted this call for violence on her YouTube Channel.


Since you mentioned deficits, Claire… We know you don’t want people to see this but your democratic colleagues tripled the national deficit two years ago and then nearly matched it last year.

(Captain’s Comments)

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