CAR BOMB-SUICIDE BOMBER Kills At Least 1 In Stockholm, Sweden (Video) …Update: Expert Says Terrorist Did Not Act Alone

Roughly ten minutes before the explosions, Swedish news agency TT received an email telling Muslims in Sweden and Europe it was “time to take action”The Local.

“Time for Swedish people to die like our brothers and sisters”,
said a threatening message ahead of the bombs.
(Swedish Wire)

Here’s video Sweden:

A car bomb and suicide bomber killed at least one in a busy shopping district in Stockholm.
All Voices reported:


A Car Bomb and Suicide Bomber killed at least one suicide bomber in a busy shopping district in Sweden’s Capitol Stockholm. One of the blast was thought to be a car bomb in which at least two were injured.

Swedish media also reported a suicide bomber blew himsel up about 200 meters from the car. Apparently an e-mail had been received earlier threatening and attack and criticizing the role of Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan and urging Muslims to take action. The Swedish News Agency TT said that the e-mail was received just before the attack, which took place around 5 pm local time. The e-mail also referred to caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks.

The e-mail had sound bytes and TT quoted a man on one of the sound bytes saying:

“Our actions will speak for themselves, as long as you do not end your war against Islam and humiliation of the Prophet and your stupid support for the pig Vilks,”

The bomber, who was wearing cannisters, according to some reports, shouted in Arabic before the blast.

Islam in Europe has more on the attack.

UPDATE: An expert contacted by Afton Bladet newspaper says the terrrorist did not act alone. “There are other individuals who have assisted in the process.”
More from The Local:

The eyewitness, a paramedic identified only as Pascal, said he removed a ‘Palestinian scarf’ from the man’s face in an attempt to free up his airways. Next to the man’s body was a two-metre piece of metal piping. Other eyewitness at the scene said the man shouted something in Arabic before the bomb detonated, according to newspaper Aftonbladet.

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