Bummer. Iowa Woman Falls for Devout Muslim Virgin; Converts & Marries Him… Discovers First Wife

The Iowa native fell for this devout Muslim virgin…
Then after her marriage to the virgin she discovered she was wife #2.

Sherri Welch met virgin Ahmed Abdelmawgoud through a dating site. It was a lovely wedding.

Ahmed has since fled to Egypt after draining their checking account.
The Des Moines Register
reported, via ROP:

Sherri Abdelmawgoud, now of Urbandale, is learning about online matchmaking the hard way. “The person I thought he was never existed,” she said this week of her husband.

Sherri Welch met Ahmed Abdelmawgoud through a dating site two years ago, when she was 28 and he was 26, as she recalls. She was living in Las Vegas, where he said he was visiting a friend, having been in America a few months with plans to get his master’s in mechanical engineering.

Her Egyptian Prince Charming was handsome, playful, attentive and won the hearts of all her relatives. She liked the old-fashioned image he projected — a devout Muslim virgin who didn’t believe in holding hands before marriage. Three months later they wed in a Muslim ceremony in Texas where Sherri followed her parents to live.

She converted to Islam, and began wearing a head scarf, as some Muslim women do. Ahmed got hired at a computer repair shop and enrolled in a university. “I was blinded by love,” she says, “and he was a very charismatic guy. “

Sherri says they were working on starting a family when, back in Texas a month ago, her eyes fell upon his open e-mails. There were love notes to and from another woman, and something that looked like a marriage certificate.

It was in Arabic, but had pictures of him and a woman, and fingerprints. When Sherri confronted Ahmed, he shrugged off the other woman as an obsessed ex-girlfriend. Unconvinced, Sherri e-mailed her.

What she got in return, she says, made her feel “like I died that day.” It was a studio photo of a glamorous woman in what looks like a Western bridal gown, stretched out on Sherri’s husband’s knee.

Based on subsequent e-mails and instant messages, Sherri says the woman, identified as Dalia, lives in Egypt and told her she’s been married to Ahmed five years. Sherri says Ahmed would neither confirm nor deny the marriage when she questioned him, instead packing up all his belongings and saying he was flying to Egypt to be with his dying father. He quit work, missed final exams and drained their bank account, Sherri says.

Guess Ahmed wasn’t a virgin, huh?

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