Brrr… Great Britain Experiences Coldest Winter in 1,000 Years

It must be global warming.

A girl makes a snowman in front of Tonbridge Castle in Tonbridge. The cold snap that has hit Britain continued to play havoc with the schedule for this weekend’s sports fixtures across the country, with several more postponements announced Thursday. (AFP/Ian Kington)

Great Britain is experiencing its coldest winter since 1683 and possibly the coldest in 1,000 years.
The Star reported:

BRITAIN’S winter is the coldest since 1683 and close to being the chilliest in nearly 1,000 years.

Latest figures reveal that the average temperature since December 1 has been a perishing -1C.

That makes it the second coldest since records began in 1659.

The chilliest on record was 1683/84, when the average was -1.17C and the River Thames froze over for two months.

But with January and February to come, experts believe we could suffer the most freezing cold winter in the last 1,000 years.

Meanwhile… Across the pond, the the Obama Adminstration is going forward with its job-killing global warming policies. The Obama Adminstration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and radical environmentalists are about to set greenhouse gas standards for American industry. The standards have drawn objections from opponents who say the law — last revised in 1990 — was never intended for such purposes. The new regulations will place heavy administrative burdens on state environmental quality agencies, will be costly to consumers and could be devastating to the economy and jobs.

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