Virginia Immigrant Arrested For Threatening to Blow Up DC Metro System

A Virginia man, Awais Younis, was arrested for threatening to blow up bombs on the DC Metro system.
He says his hometown is Sangeray, Nangarhar, Afghanistan from his Facebook page.
TPM Muckraker reported:

A 26-year-old Virginia man is being held in federal custody after he allegedly threatened to set off bombs on the D.C. Metro system. The FBI was alerted to the threats, allegedly sent on Facebook’s instant messaging system, by an informant before any plot was developed.

Awais Younis, who also goes by the names Sundullah “Sunny” Ghilzai and Mohhanme Khan, was arrested on Dec. 7. According to federal authorities, he described how to build a pipe bomb and said he’d place bombs on the third and fifth cars of Metro trains since those trains had the highest number of commuters on them.

The nature of the messages Younis allegedly sent to the FBI’s complainant indicates they had a close relationship. The complainant, who is a woman according to Younis’ Facebook messages, contacted the FBI’s New Orleans Office in late November.

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