Barbara Walters Finds Palin Scary – Americans Find Obama-Pelosi Regime Scary

Last night on her television special liberal reporter (oxymoron) Barbara Walters dismissed Sarah Palin as “uninformed”, telling the former Republican governor, “…Many people find the thought of you as president a little scary.”

She wishes.

What Americans find really, really scary is another two years of the Obama-Pelosi regime.
That’s why they voted 63 of the radicals out of office in a historic landslide last month.


In the real world, away from Hollywood and DC pundits, Americans are afraid of another two years of record deficits, historic debt, record unemployment, Keynesian spedning, illogical foreign policy and TSA agents groping children, nuns and grandmothers.

Americans saw Obama triple the national deficit in one year on a failed stimulus plan.

(Captain’s Comments)
That’s what scares Americans, Barbara.

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