Awesome New American Wonderwall Gun Is A “Game Changer”

The new Wonderwall Gun, nicknamed “The Game Changer”.

Via The Sun –

Here is the new Taliban-busting rifle – a Star Wars-style weapon so powerful it can shoot through WALLS.

Dubbed the “Game Changer,” the XM-25 fires a massive round which can be programmed by computer to explode after travelling any set distance.

This effectively turns the bullet into a grenade which penetrates hiding places and then blows up – meaning concealed enemy fighters are denied cover.

Military chiefs believe the £20,000 (approx. $36,000) American-made gun, seen above being demonstrated by a US soldier, will transform the fortunes of Our Boys battling in the Afghanistan war zone.

Insurgents often take pot shots at troops from buildings and then duck down and hide behind walls or in trenches.

Until now it has been hard to hit back with conventional light weapons. But the XM-25’s huge 25mm round, capable of being fired the length of eight football pitches, will leave rebel gunmen with nowhere to hide.

The first XM-25s have already been distributed to US combat units and could be given to British Special Forces.

US Army spokesman Lt Col Christopher Lehner said: “Tactics will be rewritten. The only thing we can see enemies being able to do is run away.”

Tactics will be rewritten?  Excellent!

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