Americans Agree… Only Jersey Shore A$$es Would Make Worse Neighbors Than the Obamas

Americans agree… Only the Jersey Shore cast would make worse neighbors than the Obamas.

Snookie shows her a$$ on Jersey Shore. (Daily Lead)

Change. Americans think Obama would suck as a neighbor too.
Comcast reported, via Cubachi:

The extroverted Italian-American cast of “Jersey Shore,” which has scored impressive TV ratings and won fans with their fist pumps and tans, were voted the worst neighbors for 2010, followed again by the Obamas at No. 2 and Sarah Palin at No. 3.

“It was voyeuristic fun getting to know the ‘Jersey Shore’ crew as they partied and fist-pumped week after week on reality television, but do we want to live ‘up close and personal’ next door? Americans said ‘no way,'” according to Zillow Vice President of Marketing and Communications Amy Bohutinsky.

Kanye West and Mel Gibson rounded up the top five worst neighbors in the No. 4 and No. 5 spots, respectively.

Meanwhile… The Palin Family was voted second most desirable neighbors next to Sandra Bullock.

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