A Junk Science Czar — Schwarzenegger Wants to Work in the Obama Administration Fighting Non-Existent Global Warming

And, to think, we had such great hopes for him…
Arnold wants to be the Junk Science Czar.

(LA Times Blog)
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told reporters today that he’d like a job possibly in global warming climate change junk science within the Obama Administration.
The Ticket reported:

In an interview with editors at the Los Angeles Times, the outgoing California governor said he was in “no rush” to find a new job when his term ends next month. But asked specifically whether he’d consider a post working for President Obama, “he said yes and began to riff on his credentials,” according to the Times’ David Lauter.

Schwarzenegger, who counts legislation combating global warming as one of his signature achievements in office, suggested he might be interested in a post dealing with energy or the environment.

“I’m a big believer in environmental issues,” Schwarzenegger said, who added that he wanted a post where he could use his “celebrity power … knowledge and experience” to impact public policy. “I’ve traveled the world. … I’m very familiar with the world.”

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