$37,000,000 A Year Lib Hollywood Actor Lectures Greedy CEO’s

Lib Hollywood actor Ben Affleck makes $37,000,000 a year or $154,166 per day.

On Tuesday, the noted liberal went on NPR to promote his new movie about corporate layoffs, “Company Men”, and to bash greedy CEO’s and bankers.
NewsBusters reported:

On Tuesday’s Morning Edition, actor Ben Affleck was selling his new movie about corporate layoffs, Company Men, and anchorman Steve Inskeep carefully led the left-wing actor onto a soapbox to lecture about the immorality of American capitalism and financiers who do nothing but “move money back and forth”:

INSKEEP: There’s a line in Company Men that’s staying with me. Tommy Lee Jones is at a corporate conference table. Someone else at the conference table is discussing their plans to lay off a bunch of workers. And nearly all the workers being laid off are older, which could be construed as being wrong or illegal. Someone at the table says: “Oh, no. This is going to pass legal scrutiny.” And Jones responds: “I always thought we aimed for a little higher standard than that.”

AFFLECK: That speaks so perfectly to people’s feelings about our country. It’s like it’s just about getting by, or people can like let people go if they can get away with it, that there’s no deeper sense of right or wrong. The banks shouldn’t — people shouldn’t make such a giant profit off just moving money back and forth. And CEOs’ pay shouldn’t be 200 times the average worker. It used to be nine times.

Affleck then went on to lecture about the tea party.
Thanks Ben, for giving us a heads up on which movie we can skip this holiday season.

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