Wikileaks Report Reveals Obama’s Flawed Assessment of Iranian Nuclear Threat

Barack Obama Owes George Bush An Apology–

Back in 2007 it was common knowledge that Iran was working on a nuclear weapons program.
That’s why it was such a shock in December 2007 that National Intelligence Estimate assessment released a controversial report that claimed Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003.

Far left Senator Barack Obama attacked then President Bush after the report was released:


“It is absolutely clear that this administration and President Bush continues to not let facts get in the way of his ideology.. They need, now, to aggressively move on the diplomatic front… They should have stopped the saber rattling — should never have started it.”

Now, thanks to the Wikileaks document dump, we find out that this report by leftists in the NIE was horribly inaccurate. In fact less than four months after the NIE report was released the Saudi regime was begging the US to “cut off the head of the snake” and put an end Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The far left Guardian posted the document:

Here’s the transcript:

10. (S) The King, Foreign Minister, Prince Muqrin, and Prince Nayif all agreed that the Kingdom needs to cooperate with the US on resisting and rolling back Iranian influence and subversion in Iraq. The King was particularly adamant on this point, and it was echoed by the senior princes as well. Al-Jubeir recalled the King’s frequent exhortations to the US to attack Iran and so put an end to its nuclear weapons program. “He told you to cut off the head of the snake,” he recalled to the Charge’, adding that working with the US to roll back Iranian influence in Iraq is a strategic priority for the King and his government.

Obviously, this shows that Barack Obama and the far left were on the wrong side of history once again.
…And, Bush was right.

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