Whoa! SEIU Members Are Counting the Ballots in Hotly Contested US House Race

Woah! SEIU members are counting the ballots in the hotly contested representative race in California. The race is still undecided. Currently, Republican David Harmer is trailing his democratic foe by 2,000 votes.

A member of the Tri-Valley Patriots took this photo on November 4 showing SEIU members counting the ballots.
Via the City Square:

The Tri-Valley Patriots added:


The Congressional race for California CD-11 is still undetermined.

TriValleyPatriots.com took the following photo. It is authentic. This person also had a pen next to him. FYI, the SEIU is the top contributor to Democratic campaigns.

Why are SEIU members allowed to work either full time or temporary at county offices which affect the precinct hiring, payroll and eventually counting the votes?

The leftists, liberals won’t allow a simple requirement to show ID to vote, but have no problem allowing their most politically active union to count the votes!

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