What the Corrupt Media Won't Tell You… They Had Joe Miller Down 32 Points in the Primary, Too

The state-run media will do anything, anything, to get liberals elected.
Just a couple of months ago they had Joe Miller down by 32 points in the primary.

They even mocked his campaign for an unnamed poll that showed the race within 9 points a week before the primary.
Mother Jones reported this just days before the primary:

The last public poll had Murkowski crushing Miller by 32 points. But the Tea Party Express says this latest, unnamed poll in Alaska finds Miller within just 9 points a few days before the August 24 primary.

There’s one glaring problem, however: outside of the Tea Party Express email, I can’t find any evidence that the latest poll even exists. I called Miller’s campaign, and his spokesman couldn’t tell me who conducted the poll. It’s not even linked to on Miller’s own website. I would try to contact the Tea Party Express, but every link on the group’s website takes you back to the homepage where you’re asked to donate, including the link for “Contact” information.

Now the corrupt bastards want you to believe that the GOP is withdrawing support from Joe Miller.
Of course, this was not true either.
These leftists will do anything to try to bring down Joe Miller.

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