TSA Chief Pistole Approved Memo to Protect Terrorists… But Won’t Protect Innocent Children From Abusive Gropings

Americans have a choice today. They can get felt up or face a possible $10,000 fine
The choice is theirs.

(LA Weekly)

Apparently, John Pistole – Head of the TSA – is more concerned about the comfort of terrorists than he is of innocent Americans.

Pistole and Valerie E. Caproni were the two FBI officials who approved a memo laying out the FBI’s policy on the limits to the interrogation of captives taken during the United States’ war on terror. The memo was from the FBI’s General Counsel, to all offices, explaining that FBI officials were not allowed to engage in coercive interrogations; FBI officials were not allowed to sit in on coercive interrogations conducted by third parties; FBI officials were required to immediately report any instances of suspected coercive interrogation up the FBI chain of command.

Earlier today the TSA approved of the abusive strip search of a child at the Salt Lake City airport on Friday.


As Gregory of Yardale said:

So this guy gets his panties in a wad about “coercive interrogations” of terrorists, but is perfectly comfortable with little kids getting groped and strip searched? WTF?

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