TSA Chief Pistole Admits America Won’t Adapt Israel’s “Top-Notch Security Procedures” Because “Americans Don’t Profile” (Video)

The TSA Chief John Pistole was on CNN’s State of the Union and told Candy Crowley numerous times that although some of the TSA agent’s invasive touching may seem over the top… It’s all for our own good

TSA Chielf Pistole also told Candy Crowley that the US could adopt Israel’s “top-notch” security procedures but won’t because, “Americans don’t profile.”

The feds certainly wouldn’t want to upset anyone by using offensive profiling techniques.

(Denver Post)
So, instead they are groping and using naked scanners on innocent Americans.


In a moment of honesty, TSA Chief Pistole admitted today that Israel has effective security techniques but that we can’t use those techniques here in the US because “we don’t profile.”
From the transcript:

CROWLEY: What’s over the line? What’s over the line?

All those things were fine. You saw a woman whose breasts were being felt. You saw a man whose — you know, had another man’s hand in his crotch. What’s over the line?

PISTOLE: I think that’s for the — the public to help inform that discussion. Clearly, if we are to detect terrorists, who have again proven innovative and creative in their design and implementation of bombs that are going to blow up airplanes and kill people, then we have to do something that prevents that. So it really comes down to the question…

CROWLEY: But the public didn’t have any choice in this. And there is outcry, and they don’t really know — I know that you’ve driven everybody to the TSA website and said, look here. But because you don’t want to reveal to terrorists what’s going to be checked, there’s no way for anybody to look at that website and know where they’re going to be touched and where it’s not allowed to be touched. And so what you seem to be saying is, you can be touched anywhere…

PISTOLE: Well, I think the Israeli model, which a number of people have talked about, uses intelligence in a different way, profiling. And then if in terms of a pat-down, if they suspect you of something, you receive a very thorough pat-down there.

That is top-notch security. The question is, do we profile here in the U.S.? No, we don’t. So how then do we use intelligence that informs the decisions and judgments. And given what we saw from last night in terms of this new Web publication that describes in detail how the cargo bombs were done, how the design concealed, and how they are using technology to disguise and defeat the screening mechanisms we have in place, look, it’s a difficult question, Candy.

That’s right.
TSA Chief Pistole admitted that the Israel security procedures are “top-notch” but the US won’t use these techniques because America does not profile.

We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings… Except innocent Americans.
So get in line for your groping, grandma.

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