Ruh-Roh… Dem Rep. Kagen Worried Turnout Isn't Where It Needs to Be

Ruh-Roh… Another democrat is worried about turnout in his district as he battles to keep his House seat.
The Hill reported:

A key endangered Democratic incumbent admitted Tuesday that “turnout isn’t where we need it to be” if he’s to win reelection.

Rep. Steve Kagen’s (D-Wis.) campaign manager e-mailed supporters to warn them that turnout numbers were flagging and that they needed more voters to make their way to the polls.

“We have just been going over the morning voting numbers — and turnout isn’t where we need it to be in our strong areas,” campaign manager Julie Heun wrote in an e-mail. “This race is going to be a squeaker — and every vote will count.”


Kagen’s facing a tough reelection race in Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district against GOP candidate Reid Ribble.

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