Republicans Dan Coats and Rand Paul Win Senate Seats… Jim DeMint Wins

FOX News reported:
Republican Dan Coats won his race in Indiana.

Tea Party favorite Rand Paul won big in Kentucky.
The numbers so far show a 56-44 win for Paul. Rasmussen had their final poll at 53-41.
Kentucky Senator McConnell released this statement:

Senator-elect Rand Paul

Washington, D.C. – United States Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement Tuesday on the election of Senator-elect Rand Paul:

“For nearly two years, Kentuckians have said they want their government to focus on jobs and the economy. And at every turn, President Obama and Washington Democrats have ignored the people, and pursued their own left-wing agenda. Tonight, Kentucky voters sent a strong message to Washington by electing Dr. Rand Paul to the United States Senate. His message of reining in outrageous Washington spending and the overreaching policies of the Obama Administration resonated throughout the state. Senator-elect Paul ran a great campaign, and I am excited to have him as my colleague in the Senate next year to help us stop this crippling agenda.”

This Rasmussen page is very helpful. It shows the final polling numbers for the different races.

Republican Jim DeMint defeated democrat Alvin Greene in South Carolina.

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