Polish News: Wikileaks Reveals Obama Traded Away Missile Shield For Russian Support on Iran

Obama traded away the European missile shield in exchange for Russian support for UN sanctions on Iran.
Poland’s The News reported, via Free Republic:

President Obama cancelled anti-missile shield plans in Poland and the Czech Republic to get Russia support for UN sanctions against Iran, documents made public by Wikileaks reveal.

The released documents also show that out of the 251,287 cables planned for release by Wikileaks, 972 come from US embassies in Warsaw (970) and Krakow (2). The most recent cables from Poland are dated February 2010 though their contents have not yet been revealed.

One of the cables from Poland is labelled ‘top secret’, 30 ‘secret’, nine ‘confidential’ 556 ‘sensitive’, 204 ‘for official use only’ and 170 not classified as confidential.


Earlier, US diplomats had informed Poland’s Foreign Ministry that documents were to be released by Wikileaks which could potentially compromise confidentiality between the two sides.

The whistle blowing web site, publishing diplomatic cables and other documents via The New York Times, the Guardian (UK) and other media outlets, show that George Bush’s anti-missile shield plan to station 10 interceptor rockets in Poland not far from the Kaliningrad (Russia) border and a radar system in the Czech Republic was seen as an obstacle by Washington in getting tougher sanctions against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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