Wow! What a Speech– Rep. Michele Bachmann: “111 Company Waivers Means… Obamacare Is an Abject Failure!” (Video)

WOW!… Rep. Michele Bachmann absolutely took Team Obama to the backroom woodshed.
This speech by Michele Backmann today at a conservative rally in Washington DC was incredible.
This had to hurt.

Backmann declares, 111 company waivers from the health care bill… means that Obamacare is an abject failure.”
Via HotAir:

Don’t forget, Michele, that SEIU local 25 and 12 other union groups received waivers.

From her terrific speech:

“What an abject failure is this government takeover of health care that fully 111 waivers have been issued? What does this mean? This is an admission of failure by the White House. They may not be admitting it, but their actions are admitting it. Why? Because we see universities and unions and favored companies are getting waivers. What’s a waiver? It’s an exemption. Why do they they need an exemption? Obamacare is a cost driving hiker. It’s a failure.

We were told we had to pass Obamacare. We couldn’t wait. We couldn’t even read the bill. We couldn’t take the time to even debate it. Because why? President Obama promised us, he promised that it would drive down the cost of health care. He promised. He promised.”

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